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Multicultural communities rally behind the Voice

The Australian Jewish News - 1 June 2023

The growing nationwide alliance of multicultural groups has issued a joint resolution urging “all Australians to work together to ensure referendum success”.

Pacific Islander communities in Australia pledge support for the Voice, but say more education is needed

ABC - 31 May 2023

That's why Ms Swann, who is Fijian and Tongan, but also has Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, was heartened to see some 120 organisations sign a joint resolution to "steadfastly support" the Indigenous Voice to Parliament by voting Yes in the referendum to be held later this year.


Australians from multicultural communities back the Voice to Parliament

SBS - 31 May 2023

More than 100 migrant and cultural organisations have pledged their support for a 'Yes' vote in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum. The referendum will propose a constitutional change to recognise First Nations people by establishing an independent and permanent advisory body.

Multicultural groups are pledging their support for the Voice, but some people say they still know 'zero' about it

ABC - 31 May 2023

The joint resolution describes the constitutional Voice as "modest, practical and fair", and has been signed by multiple Indian and Chinese community organisations, as well as Sri Lankan, Italian, Irish, Iranian, Greek, Vietnamese, Filipino, Sikh, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Pacific Islander community groups.


Over 100 migrant and cultural organisations back Yes campaign for Voice referendum

SBS - 31 May 2023

More than 110 migrant and cultural community organisations have united in declaring their support for the Voice to Parliament referendum. The groups have signed a joint resolution asking all Australians to work together to ensure the referendum's success.

120 Multicultural Communities Back Indigenous Referendum

The Mirage - 31 May 2023

A growing nationwide alliance of multicultural groups has stepped-up for “YES” in the Voice referendum, issuing a powerful Joint Resolution urging “all Australians to work together to ensure referendum success”.


A journey of empathy and empowerment

The Australian Jewish News - 25 May 2023

"Reconciliation is a journey and I hope you will join me on this journey of empathy and empowerment," said Julian Leeser.

The Australia-China Forum organizes a symposium on the voices of Aboriginal people

SBS - 20 May 2023

Speakers included a constitutional lawyer, an associate professor in the Department of Education and Social Work and a senior lecturer in Aboriginal history, all of whom expressed support for the inclusion of "Indigenous Voices" in the Constitution.


Calls for Chinese Australians to help shape future with the Voice

MOJO - 15 May 2023

Engaging Chinese Australians in the national conversation on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament is a vital part of fostering reconciliation, leading multicultural advocates say.

Why Australian Muslims are likely to support the Indigenous Voice to Parliament

ABC News - 11 May 2023

Recent polling has found that 62 per cent of Australians who speak a language other than English support a First Nations Voice to Parliament, compared to 52 per cent who speak English only. Muslim Australians are particularly supportive of Indigenous Australians


Support for Indigenous Voice referendum

Indusage - 4 May 2023

My heart soared when Julian Leeser quit the Shadow Ministry to stand with Indigenous Australians in achieving a constitutionally guaranteed First Nations Voice. As a Jew, Leeser probably feels empathy for the plight of Indigenous people, who have been unrecognised and excluded in their own country for far too long.

Supporting 'Indigenous Voices': A Chinese-Australian Perspective

AU123 - 3 May 2023

As a nation, Australia has a rare opportunity this year to address this historic injustice and heal the wounds in our national psyche through the upcoming 'Indigenous Voices' referendum.


Indian-Australian writer Subhash Jaireth urges fellow citizens from all ethnic backgrounds: "We say 'Yes' to the Voice!"

The Australia Today - 20 April 2023

"This is our chance to accept the gift offered by the First Nations Peoples to become part of their history which began more than 60,000 years ago."

The voice to Parliament will lead to less inequality. That’s not racist

The Guardian - 19 April 2023

Equality does not mean we are all treated the same. It has always been true that marginalised groups sometimes require unique representation.

Opinion piece on equality.png
Albanese and Muslim Community

'Standing for justice': Why these Australian Muslims back the Voice to Parliament

SBS News - 10 April 2023

Some of Australia's leading Muslim community figures are helping to support the Yes vote in the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum this year. The country's national peak body, the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), will prepare 200 of its imams to inform the nearly one million Muslims across the country on the case for backing the Voice.

‘Empowered in the Australian way’: Voice makes waves in multicultural Australia

Sydney Morning Herald - 8 May 2023

“The Muslim community support the Indigenous people, engage with them, they respect them and they acknowledge them as the people who have occupied these lands for more than 60 millennia, so there’s a beautiful connection between the Indigenous people of Australia and the Muslim community,” Charkawi said.


Indigenous voice to parliament: Yes vote ‘will save money, cut waste’

The Australian - 4 April 2023

“More and more, we are looking like the party of the elites – that Labor tries to paint us as – if we continue to ignore the multicultural vote, the religious vote and the women’s vote,” Ms Okotel wrote.

Changing the Conversation: Australia encouraged to unite in support of Uluru Statement from the Heart

National Indigenous Times - 29 March 2023

On Tuesday evening a packed out crowd gathered at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in Meeanjin to join in a discussion titled Changing the Conversation: Uluru Statement from the Heart, hosted by Multicultural Australia.

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 3.08.05 pm.png

Aboriginal activist Rachel Perkins joins faith leaders at Ramadan dinner

Uniting Church - 29 March 2023

Aboriginal film director and activist Rachel Perkins joined faith leaders to discuss the Uluru Statement at Lakemba Uniting Church this week. More than 90 guests across the community and people of different faiths came together to celebrate Ramadan.

Faith groups behind Voice to Parliament vote

The Australian Jewish News - 23 February 2023

A multi-faith gathering took place at The Great Synagogue for a book launch that advocates for a 'yes' vote.


Religious heads voice concerns for the future

The Australian - 22 February 2023

A powerful coalition of religious organisations has sent a joint letter to MPs warning that future generations of Australians “will not forgive us” if the Indigenous voice to parliament fails at the referendum, urging for the Liberal Party to pledge its support.

Veteran Liberal MP adds to pressure on Dutton over Voice

Financial Review - 20 February 2023

Veteran Liberal MP Russell Broadbent has described acceptance and implementation of the Uluru Statement as fundamental to the future of Australia, warning rejection of a Voice to parliament will “impoverish” the country.


Religious leaders’ essays backing voice to parliament launch tonight

The Guardian - 20 February 2023

An essay collection from religious leaders across the faith spectrum supporting the Indigenous voice to parliament is being launched tonight as part of the referendum “week of action”.

The multifaith and multicultural Australians making a moral case for the Voice

ABC - 20 February 2023

A group of multifaith and multicultural Australians has come together to advocate for the 2017 statement and rally behind the push for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution. 


The no side in the voice referendum has misread the mood among migrants

The Guardian - 3 February 2023

This week the no case against the voice referendum made a pitch to migrants and multicultural Australians. Their effort demonstrated little understanding of, or respect for, Australia’s diverse ethnic and cultural communities.

Voice to parliament: migrant and refugee groups reject ‘divisive’ no campaign proposal for constitutional recognition

The Guardian - 30 January 2023

The nation’s peak body representing culturally diverse communities has criticised the voice to parliament no campaign’s push for constitutional recognition of migrants as “offensive” and “divisive”, saying they never asked for or discussed such a possibility.


Perkins gets vocal on critics of voice

The Australian - 28 May 2022

Acclaimed Australian filmmaker Rachel Perkins says she and others calling for an Indigenous voice to parliament have been subjected to accusations they are “elite blacks” profiting from their advocacy.

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