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Become an Ambassador

It is essential that multicultural communities have access to in-language education to make an informed decision on the upcoming referendum. Ambassadors play a key role in working with communities across Australia to share why a Voice to Parliament is the critical next step towards national reconciliation.

Please fill out the information below, so you can be added to our growing list of ambassadors

Preferred social platforms

Thank you! We will be in contact with you within one week.

Educate your community on the Voice referendum

If you would like any support in raising awareness of the Voice referendum within your community, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sign the Joint Resolution of Multicultural Community Organisations

Become a signatory to the Joint Resolution to unite with the other multicultural community organisations supporting the Voice referendum.

Join the Events

Get involved in upcoming events in order to learn more about the Voice referendum and show your support.

Write to your Local MP

Write to your Local Member of Parliament to urge bipartisan co-operation on a First Nations Voice referendum.


Join us for our upcoming events

The Multicultural Australia for the Voice alliance regularly hosts forums and events that provide an opportunity for education, conversations and connected within our communities.


Voice makes waves in
multicultural Australia

The Muslim community support the Indigenous people, engage with them, they respect them and they acknowledge them as the people who have occupied these lands for more than 60 millennia.

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