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The Voice referendum  transcends political and cultural divides

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That is why our communities are uniting to support the Voice referendum. Multicultural community organisations are recognising the critical role that they play in raising awareness on the importance of enshrining a First Nations Voice into the Australian Constitution.

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Joint Resolution of Multicultural Community Organisations

in support of a First Nations Voice referendum

In 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples asked Australians to walk with them towards a better future. 

Through the Uluru Statement from the Heart, they asked for constitutional recognition through a constitutionally guaranteed voice in their own affairs.

As leaders of diverse multicultural community organisations, we endorse the Uluru Statement and its call for a First Nations voice guaranteed by the Constitution.

This reform is modest, practical and fair. 

We call on our political representatives to lead this referendum in the spirit of bipartisan and broad cooperation.

We commit our steadfast support, and urge all Australians to work together to ensure referendum success. 

Let us co-operate across differences of politics and diversities of culture and faith, to heal our country and unify the nation. 

Will your multicultural community organisation become a signatory?

Please fill out the information below, so that your organisation can be added to the growing list of Multicultural Signatories

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Thank you for showing your support! Your organisation will appear on our website within one week.

Please Sign the Joint Resolution

This is an invitation for all multicultural community organisations to become a signatory to the Joint Resolution of Multicultural Community Organisations in support of a First Nations Voice referendum.


Why should we support the First Nations Voice referendum?

The Voice referendum will recognise Indigenous peoples in the Constitution by guaranteeing Indigenous communities a fairer say in laws and policies made about them.

How can I help make a difference?

There are other ways to get involved apart from signing up your organisation to the Multicultural Joint Resolution. Click the button below to get the resources that you can share with your community. 



Panel Discussion and Chinese Banquet Dinner

The Chinese Australian Forum invites you to attend a Panel Discussion and Dinner on The Voice on Thursday 18 May 6.15pm at The Eight Chinese Restaurant, Sydney. 


Voice makes waves in
multicultural Australia

The Muslim community support the Indigenous people, engage with them, they respect them and they acknowledge them as the people who have occupied these lands for more than 60 millennia.

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